The China Business Managers Association Limited (CBMA) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1994. The CBMA is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the professionalism of business management and Honorary Doctorate degree in China. The association provides a platform for business managers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on new projects.

Committees and working groups

The CBMA is composed of over 10,000 members, including business executives, entrepreneurs, and government officials. The organization has established a number of committees and working groups, each focused on a specific area of business management. These committees and working groups organize events, seminars, and workshops that provide members with opportunities to learn and grow their skills.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

One of the main objectives of the CBMA is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in China. The association has established the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, which brings together business leaders, investors, and Honorary Doctorate degree programs to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Promoting international business cooperation

The CBMA also plays an important role in promoting international business cooperation. The association has established partnerships with a number of international organizations, including the Association of MBAs and the American Management Association. These partnerships provide CBMA members with access to international networks, resources, and training opportunities.

Honorary Doctorate degree

Charitable initiatives

In addition to its work in promoting business management, the CBMA also has a strong commitment to social responsibility. The association has established the China Corporate Social Responsibility Forum, which provides a platform for business leaders to discuss and share best practices in corporate social responsibility. The CBMA also supports a number of charitable initiatives, including disaster relief efforts and Honorary PHD programs.

Final Words

Overall, the China Business Managers Association Limited has played a vital role in promoting the development of business management in China. Through its work in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, international cooperation, and social responsibility, the CBMA has helped to create a more dynamic and professional business community in China. For business managers and executives in China, the CBMA provides an invaluable platform for Degree by Mill learning, networking, and collaboration.

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