It is important to note that in order to Marble Polishing Services , there is specific equipment that must be used, such as different sizes of diamond polishing pads and an electric sanding machine. A dust mask, safety goggles, and gloves are all necessary to prevent the risk of injury to the hands and eyes as well as inhaling dust particles. Follow these simple steps before polishing the marble tiles to ensure that they are as smooth as possible.

Steps For Marble Polishing Services :

  1. Especially sensitive surfaces such as those surrounding the marble should be protected.
  2. With the help of turpentine, peel off the wax and adhesive.
  3. Follow these step-by-step instructions when sanding marble in order to achieve the best results.
  4. Cover the work surface with clean, cold water after it has been cleaned.
  5. To use the electric sander, you need to attach the coarsest grit of the recommended sandpaper.

In order to remove any residue left over from the sealant or wax, move the sander side-to-side four times in a row. It is recommended that you use this grit at a distance of 6 inches from a wall when using this grit.

Make sure the floor is mopped or vacuumed so that you do not miss any spots.

The next step is to repeat the process from the second process by using less coarse grits as you progress and until you attain a level of shine that you are satisfied with.

During the last pass, add marble plaster to the grit and apply it in the same manner to the floor that you did during the first pass.

Ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned by using a mop, cloth, and broom.

Please wait! The story doesn’t end there. As a final touch to the marble floor polishing process, here are some tips that might help you.

Adding a microfiber polishing pad to the machine will make it more effective.

The marble surface should be polished by placing polishing powder on it. (Make sure you follow the recommendation if you haven’t already)

The marble should be buffed quickly. The marble should be polished by concentrating on small sections until it begins to shine.

Use a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop to remove any debris that has accumulated.

Marble Polishing Services

The polishing process consists of three stages. What are they?

3 Stage Detail

Stage – coarse abrasive pads and coarse abrasive compounds are used in order to remove heavy defects.

Stage – The surface defects applied by the first stage will be removed by machine polishing with a medium-to-strong cut compound applied by the second stage.

Stage – machine polishing, ultra-soft polishing/compounding – this refining process produces a mirrored reflection end result that can be seen with the naked eye. Hire the top Marble Polishing Services!

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