You might be confuse if you are just starting the whole immigration preparation process and aren’t sure which documents need to be sent to USCIS Certified translation services to be translate if you’re just starting the whole process. Please take a moment to take a look at the list below: we try to explain in the context of our experience which papers and why they are important.

USCIS Certified translation services

A copy of the birth certificate:

In order to undergo an immigration check with the USCIS Certified translation services, people must provide a copy of this document. There are also some basic relevant data about them that can be compare with their other files in order to ensure their authenticity. If you want to avoid any errors in the approval process, even if they are small, you should hire a professional service.

Marital status certificates:

The marital status of an individual, whether he or she is married, divorce, or unattached, is an important factor to consider. Ensure that you convert such files into the English language, and don’t forget about them.

Academic documents:

You need to provide anything that has to do with your academic performance. We follow all USCIS Certified translation services requirements when it comes to the translation of documents. Especially for foreign students who wish to study at an American college. These records are particularly important to USCIS, which places a lot of emphasis on these records.

Job certifications:

In order to obtain a USCIS visa, people must provide proof of the official work they have done throughout their lives, even if it was just one. A person with a high position at work is highly valued, but it should be noted that hard workers are also highly appreciate. As a result, you should include a document proving any work experience that you have on your resume if you have. We will handle your application with care, so you can rest assured that it will be accepted by the USCIS.

Death certificates:

It is of particular importance to fulfill this requirement if you intend to immigrate with your partner or family members. There are several factors that USCIS will be looking at when looking at your background. So if you lost a family member, you should obtain official confirmation as soon as possible. Whenever possible. We will strive to provide an accurate service that will be thorough in its practices, and in compliance with all the demands that USCIS places upon it.

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