Dolpo, located in the western part of Nepal, is a remote and pristine region known for its stunning natural beauty and unique culture. The region offers a challenging and rewarding trekking experience for those looking for an adventure in the Himalayas. When planning a trek to Dolpo, it’s important to consider the best time to visit in order to make the most of your experience.

What are the best time in Dopo Trek?

The main season in Dolpo Trek is from March to the middle of November. So, it is bit different season than the normal season in Nepal.  This is primarily due to the long, and bitter winter. Sometimes too early in April bit of a problem with snow on the passes and impassable. Too late in November is also difficult with snow on the passes. There is no perfect time, though September/ October is the best time as harvest time for locals with clear skies.

Dolpo Trek in spring is best from March to June. During these months, the weather is mild, and the skies are clear, which provides trekkers with the best views of the surrounding landscape and the Himalayas. The temperature during these months is also moderate, making the trek more comfortable. Additionally, the trails are less crowded during these months, providing trekkers with a more peaceful and authentic experience.

Throughout the monsoon period from mid of June to early, and late September, the temperatures are certainly much more pleasant, so trekkers who hate the cold should plan on these months. However, clouds cover the Himalayas and are expectes to rain. And a positive part of the trek is there will be greenery everywhere and there is an opportunity to witness the pastoral life of Shepherds. Moreover, the festivals and life of people are also in full of swing in summer.  Yul Lha Chodpa Festival Trek is specially design for a monsoon Dolpo Trek.

From December to February, the weather in Dolpo can be cold and snowy, making the trek more challenging. The trails may also be cover in snow, making navigation more difficult. The monsoon season, from June to August, is not recommend for trekking in Limi Valley Trek due to the heavy rains and landslides that can make the trails difficult to navigate.

Autumn is the busiest because of stable weather. And the trail and tourism in Nepal remain very busy in autumn. Generally middle of September to the middle of November is the best of the best. Occasionally stable weather in the Himalayas (Nepal) changes when there are unexpect things storms, cyclone are took place in the Bay of Bengal.

Trekking throughout winter is impossible. However, a Lower Dolpo Trek such as the Tichurong Valley Trek can be do in winter. In winter there is a festival call ‘Rung’ which is celebrate by the Tarali Magar community in Tichurong valley.  Many inhabitances of Upper Dolpo descend down to Kathmandu and lower valleys.


In conclusion, the best time to visit Dolpo for trekking is from September to November and from March to May. During these months, the weather is mild, the skies are clear, and the trails are less crowded, providing trekkers with the best trekking experience. However, it is important to be prepared for all types of weather conditions and to have the necessary gear for a comfortable and safe trek.

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